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Centre for Communities and Citizen Initiatives

With the development of information technology and society as a whole, the "voice" of citizens is increasingly being heard. City residents are changing from users of urban spaces and services, into their “co-authors” or even creators

Every day, citizens who care about their environment are transforming residential areas into a friendly and comfortable space for living. Experts with different knowledge and skill sets are coming together in groups with common goals and interests and achieving impressive results, becoming a powerful driver of territorial development

The concept of an architect-planner who develops an "ideal" urban project is being replaced by that of are searcher, who carefully studies the specifics of a particular area and proposes more "humane" methods of developing the environment. 

Today the main task faced by experts is not the abstract development of concepts and projects, but rather the moderation of existing urban processes, asking the right questions and, most importantly, the creation of spaces – both physical and virtual – for dialogue and joint action. 

These spaces can take the form of a Centre for Communities and Citizen Initiatives, a centre focused on the concept of ​​"urban activity" – collaboration and communication among various project groups, initiatives and communities in a friendly environment. The participants in this process include active citizens, action groups, sociologists, urbanists, and artists who wish to improve the urban environment. 

As part of the Festival of the IV Moscow Urban Forum, the team behind the “Delai Sam” urban activity marathon will develop a prototype for the “Open Pavilion” Centre for Communities and Citizen Initiatives. This experimental model – both the space and the programme – will be brought to life for one day. 

The "Open Pavilion" is focused on the concept of urban activity, and includes four thematic sections:

For all issues related to the "Open Pavilion" project, please contact the project curator: