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Why are some streets more popular than others?

Where does the sewage drain? What insects inhabit our apartments?

How can scientific institutions become drivers for the development of cities?

The Polytechnic Museum is going to host a science coffee bar at Moscow Urban Forum. This is a place where one can drink a cup of coffee and get competent scientific answers to the most unexpected questions about cities and life in them. Throughout the day, scientists representing various fields will talk about their scientific activities and their contribution to cities. A curious stand-up comedian will help the scientists by engaging them in dialogue, and there will also be active visitors who always have a lot of questions.
In addition, all visitors will have a chance to become artists at a drawing workshop with a NeoLucida portable camera.

In the afternoon, the Polytechnic Museum will become a battlefield for finalists of the Polytechnic Museum Science Fighting Contest.

The Science Fighting Contest is a project which offers a stage to young scientists, so they can talk about the most complicated scientific theories and their own ideas in order to make them clear to the audience. There are no computer presentations. Scientists talk about their scientific research using anything but boring computer slides. Instead, they use different simple items for their presentations. For example, a basket of apples can be a model for molecular structure, a guitar can be used to talk about the development of artificial intelligence, etc. Forum visitors will see the best of the best, the winners of science fighting contests held throughout 2014, and choose the winner of the Polytechnic Museum Science Fighting Contest 2014, who will be awarded with a travel grant.

Curator of the programme - The Polytechnical Museum


Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship